Mini Dental Implants v. Traditional


Mini dental implant Mesa, AZAdvances in dentistry have enabled oral surgeons to replace missing teeth with permanent appliances such as dental implants. Unlike dentures, these replacements don't move or cause discomfort. They also continue to stimulate the jawbone like a natural tooth root, preventing bone loss over time. There are two types of dental implants offered by Dr. LeSueur and Dr. Dodaro: traditional implants and mini implants. Contact them today for an initial consultation about dental implants.

Traditional Dental Implants

A traditional dental implant is a titanium screw affixed directly into the jaw in a two-step process. First, the screws are placed, and then the patient undergoes a healing process that lasts as long as a few months. This healing process allows the implant to bond with the jawbone. After this, permanent dental appliances, such as porcelain crowns, bridges, or modified dentures, or partial dentures can be attached to the implants.

Mini Dental Implants

Another form of dental implant has recently become popular for some uses. The mini implant is affixed into the jawbone much like a traditional implant, but does not require the long-term healing process. Rather than involving extensive surgery, the mini implant only requires a one- or two-hour process in the dentist's office. Existing dentures can then attached to the mini implants, giving the patient an extremely stable replacement for lost teeth. The attachment between the implant and the dentures is solid enough for everyday activity such as chewing, but with a slight increase of pressure the dentures can be removed for cleaning.

Mini dental implants are also used under certain circumstances for replacing individual teeth, if the tooth isn't expected to receive excessive pressure under everyday use. As the mini implant procedure becomes more common, more uses are being found for these much smaller, much more easily placed implants.

Dr. Scott LeSueur and Dr. Charles Dodaro use mini implants for tooth replacement, and can supply you with permanent dentures that will keep your mouth and jawbones healthy and strong.

For more information on how mini implants and permanent dentures can help you, please contact our Mesa dentistry office for more information or to schedule a consultation.