Six Facts Your Dentist Wishes You Knew

Dental Hygiene & Teeth Cleaning Mesa, AZWith the constant stream of updated and new information on the internet, knowing the difference between factual and false dental information can be overwhelming. Here are some basic facts to help you on your road to better dental health.

The Truth About Dental Health

  1. Bad breath is often the result of a bigger problem. 85% of those with consistent bad breath can blame it on a dental condition. Mouth rinse will merely mask the odor, not fix it. The most basic way to guard against bad breath is to adhere to a daily dental health schedule. Brush morning and night, floss and rinse. This basic routine can help shield against the unpleasantness of bad breath.
  2. Proper nutrition is good for your teeth: Soft drinks, fast food, and candy all have processed sugars. These sugars generate acids that cling to and attack tooth enamel, resulting in gum disease and cavities. To help fight against the sugar, be sure to brush and rinse after eating a particularly processed snack. Or, begin today to avoid these types of foods and beverages altogether.
  3. Root canals are not as bad as they seem. With modern technological advances in the dental industry, root canals are usually not painful. Some patients have compared having a root canal to getting a filling.
  4. Making dental care a habit is easy. Many people think that having and maintaining good dental wellness is time-consuming and hard. On the contrary, it is quick and can be easily added to your morning and nightly routine. Brushing twice a day, coupled with flossing and rinsing will immediately give you a more fresh and confident appearance while benefitting your overall health.
  5. You need to change your toothbrush. After about three months, your toothbrush will become worn down. In this condition, you won’t be able to properly clean your teeth. If you have recently dealt with gum disease or a cold, change your toothbrush immediately. Bacteria on toothbrushes can fester and cause more issues if you don’t switch it out.
  6. Dental problems will not magically disappear. If your dentist has given you a dental treatment plan to fix a problem, follow up on it. If left unattended, dental issues can grow into larger and more expensive complications. For instance, cavities can continue to grow to the point that they touch the root. This leaves you with only two options: get a root canal or have the tooth removed.

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