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Brushing: can you do too much of a good thing?

Over brushing isn’t necessarily due to how many times a day you brush your teeth. The question to ask yourself is: what is my tooth brushing technique and what kind of toothbrush do I use? How to tell if you are over brushing If you are visiting your dentist every six months for dental cleanings, […]

Pediatric Dentistry

How an Interception Can Be Good for Your Child

Interceptions. In football, an interception could be a good thing for one team and a bad thing for the other. In dentistry, interceptions are pretty much always a win-win situation. We win because we get to help the patient avoid a problem that could be painful or frustrating. Clearly, patients who avoid pain and frustration […]

Dental Implants | Dentures Mesa, AZ

Making the Most of Dentures with a few Accessories

Denture treatment has been one of the most common of all forms of tooth replacement, restoring the appearance of a healthy, whole smile for longer than many of us have been alive. When you consider the long history of denture treatment, you may come to the conclusion that dentures are tried-and-true, and therefore the best […]

Damaged Teeth | Phoenix AZ

Are You Damaging Your Teeth Without Knowing It?

For many, the fact that we brush our teeth (and hopefully floss) daily takes enough time. We don’t think much about the everyday activities we may be doing to damage those pearly whites. In fact, there are many habits that affect your smile and overall oral health in a negative way. If any of the […]

Gum Disease | Phoenix AZ

Boost Your Heart by Brushing Your Teeth

For decades, doctors have been talking about the potential connection between heart health and oral health. And it appears that heart disease and poor oral health do have a relationship. But how? The biggest reason is inflammation. When you don’t care for your mouth and teeth properly, you’re setting yourself up for sore, swollen gums. […]

6 Things That Can Cause Dry Mouth

6 Things That Can Cause Dry Mouth

Do your tongue and the roof of your mouth feel exceptionally dry? Does it seem to be a chronic issue? You could be suffering from dry mouth, which is caused when the salivary glands interfere with sufficient saliva production. Besides being uncomfortable, dry mouth can be dangerous to your health. That’s because saliva helps prevent […]

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Do You Need a Root Canal?

Known as endodontic therapy, a root canal is the removal of a nerve from the tooth. Each of your teeth has a nerve that goes through the tooth and attaches to the gum, basically acting as the life source of the tooth. When this nerve gets infected or exposed, it can cause extreme pain. A […]

Composite Fillings: Treating Cavities In Style

Composite Fillings: Treating Cavities In Style

It’s the sentence we all dread: “You have a cavity.” And you know what that means – you’re going to get a filling. This may conjure up images of years past when the only option for filling a cavity was the metal variety, which tends to be, well, unattractive. Good news – composite fillings are […]

6 Steps for Brushing With Braces

6 Steps for Brushing With Braces

When you have braces, brushing your teeth can seem like a daunting task. It can be difficult to navigate all those nooks and crannies with a mouth full or wire and brackets. But brushing with braces doesn’t have to feel impossible. In fact, if you follow these helpful steps, you’ll be on the road to […]

Bad Breath? These Foods Could Be to Blame

Nothing can ostracize you quicker than bad breath. It can be embarrassing for you and downright uncomfortable for those around you. If you have bad breath, what you eat and drink may be to blame. Here is a list of some of the biggest food culprits out there when it comes to bad breath. Coffee […]

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