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Dental implant technology has advanced rapidly in recent years, giving you more options than ever for replacing missing teeth. Years ago, patients who could not afford traditional dental implants or who lacked the jaw bone density to accommodate an implant were forced to accept loose fitting dentures and partial dentures or grinding down adjacent teeth to place dental bridges to replace their missing teeth. However, the development of mini dental implants now provides you with a much less invasive, more affordable and more immediate solution to replace missing teeth and stabilizing loose dentures or partials allowing for more confidence and significantly improved chewing.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are smaller versions of traditional titanium dental implants that get inserted into your jaw and will function as a replacement tooth root. The head of the mini implant forms a shape like a ball and will attach to a set of dentures to make them lock into place. This will make your dentures much more firm and stable, enabling them to withstand the strong forces exerted by chewing and allowing you to put normal chewing pressures on them comfortably.

Dental IMplant vs mini dental implant

Mini implants are much smaller than regular dental implants. Additionally, mini implants are unlike traditional dental implants because they do not require good jaw bone thickness for placement. In fact, mini implants are an excellent option for patients who lack sufficient bone thickness to accommodate a traditional dental implant.

Mini Implant Benefits

Mini dental implants provide you with several important benefits:

  • Significantly less expensive than traditional dental implants
  • Can be a good alternative for patients who lack the necessary jaw bone thickness to accommodate a traditional implant
  • Minimally invasive procedure that heals much quicker than traditional implants
  • Implants serve as a replacement root which preserves your remaining bone structure

Candidates for Mini Implants

Ideal candidates for a mini dental implant have healthy gum tissue. If you currently suffer from periodontal disease, you must have this condition treated before you can move forward with your mini implants. Other conditions which may rule you out as a candidate include uncontrolled diabetes and prior radiation treatments in your jaw.

Mini Dental Implant Procedure

Mini Dental Implant Care | Drs of Smiles | Mesa AZ | Phoenix | Tempe

Mini implants are placed quickly and easily during a visit to our Mesa dental office. The procedure to place your mini implants will only take one visit. Patients will only require an additional visit if they need an appliance, such as a denture, connected to the new implants. During the procedure, patients will receive a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort.

First, Drs. LeSueur or Dodaro will make a small hole in your gum. Then, they will insert the mini dental implant into your jaw bone. Once inserted, the heads of the implants will rest securely above the gum tissue. This allows your denture to snap firmly onto the implant. Within just a few short hours, you will have a fully functional replacement for your missing teeth or a denture with much greater stability. In the rare case, under 3% chance, that your implants should fail we are easily able to replace them.

Mini Implant Results

There is no downtime for mini implants. Once you leave our office you may eat immediately and return to your regular activities. Moving forward, patients should treat their new implants the same as their natural teeth. This includes regular oral care by brushing, flossing and visiting for regular cleanings.  

Mini dental implants and dentures

Mini implants work well under dentures. Your new mini implants will allow dentures to be made smaller, and the roof of the mouth to be removed from the upper dentures. Additionally, no further adhesive is necessary to provide chewing strength equal to your natural teeth.

Alternatives to mini dental implants

Bridges, conventional dentures, or partial dentures that connect to other teeth, are the only alternatives to dental implants and mini dental implants.

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