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If you have suffered any kind of dental injury, whether traumatic or due to decay, or if you have sensitive teeth, you want to get it fixed right away. The danger to putting off care is that the problem can become much worse. This can at times require hospitalization as well as higher costs. Whether the issue is just cosmetic, or whether you are suffering serious pain swelling or dysfunction as a result of your injury, emergency dental care can make all the difference.

That’s why the Drs. of Smiles are here and available 24 Hours a day especially when Emergency Dentistry is needed. Call us at (480) 834-6991 or email us to schedule a non-emergency consultation.

Emergency Dentistry We Offer

The Drs. of Smiles are here for all your emergency dentistry, including:

  • Major and minor cosmetic repairs of natural teeth and porcelain work
  • TMJ care and neuromuscular therapy for TMJ injuries and pain
  • Sports, home, and work-related injuries and traumas including splinting loose teeth when indicated

And many other types of dental emergencies. If you have a dental problem you need taken care of now, please call to learn whether our Mesa dentists can help.

Why Choose Us for Your Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care should also be quality dental care. Emergency care that is poorly done means increased risk of further emergency care down the road.

We can offer quality, comfortable care at convenient times both day and night when you contact us. This includes completely digital x-rays and nitrous oxide and oral sedation available. Digital x-rays are more comfortable and convenient, plus they give us a clearer image of your dental emergency.

Emergency Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous oxide and oral sedation can allow you to overcome your anxiety of dental treatment today. This has allowed patients to receive all of their needed dental care rather than postpone it. Relaxation dentistry means you will have a positive dental experience, which can help you feel at ease with future dental treatments. With your increased comfort and trust, hopefully, you can get problems identified before they become emergencies.

Emergency dentistry can still be quality dental care. The better treatment you get today, the better your oral health tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

Emergency Root Canal

If you have tooth pain that is simply unbearable, an emergency root canal may be your best treatment option. If the pain begins when you drink hot or cold liquid, or when you chew with a particular tooth, but persists and gets worse, a root canal may be called for. Other times, you may need a root canal after your dentist discovers the pulp chamber is compromised when placing a deep filling to prevent pain from starting. You may also need a root canal if you have severely broken a tooth, exposing the pulp chamber. Even though the pain may be minimal at first, don’t wait to have injuries checked as the situation may become substantially worse and that may occur at a very inconvenient time.

Quality Emergency Dental Care

During an emergency root canal, the main concern is timeliness: getting the procedure completed now so you can begin getting over the excruciating discomfort of the abscessed tooth and begin recovery. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality. After all, a poorly done root canal is likely to need to be redone later, and that is the last thing you want.

Our digital x-rays have superior resolution to conventional x-ray films, which helps us better determine the extent of your problem and plan successful emergency treatment from the get-go. Digital x-rays make it easier to determine whether your teeth have multiple roots or canals that need to be drained and sealed before the tooth is crowned. Undetected extra canals are a leading cause of the need to retreat root canals..

Comfortable Emergency Dentistry

Emergency root canals are often the product of dental anxiety. If you put off normal dental treatment until it became an emergency, your anxiety doesn’t go away just because you need treatment now. We offer nitrous oxide gas and oral sedation to help you overcome any anxiety you may have about have the “dreaded” root canal. (Amazingly, they are almost totally pain-free as so many of our patients testify–trust us!)

Relaxation dentistry also means that you can get the emergency and regular dental care you need in the most comfortable way possible. Some of our patients even report that an experience with relaxation dentistry makes future visits easier and more relaxing, even without nitrous or oral sedation.

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For more information on Emergency Dentistry including root canals, lost fillings, and cosmetic repairs, call our office in Mesa, AZ at 480.834.6991. Drs of Smiles serves Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale and surrounding areas.

Dr. LeSueur and Dr. Dodaro are Mesa dentists, serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, Chandler, and other East Valley Cities in Arizona, combine LVI training and state-of-the-art technology to bring you, and your entire family, the very best and healthiest cosmetic and neuromuscular dental care.
Visit our before and after gallery to see the results we are able to achieve for our patients. Please contact or call 480-834-6991 to schedule a consultation at Drs of Smiles.

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