The 7 Best Ways to Treat a Toothache

The 7 Best Ways to Treat a ToothacheThe common toothache. We’ve all had one at one time or another in our lives. While persistent tooth pain calls for a visit to your dentist, most tooth aches can be treated using one of the following methods:

1.Over-the-Counter Medication
An anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen is a good tool to alleviate tooth pain. Other over-the-counter pain killers like paracetamol and aspirin also do a good job of treating a toothache.

Using an antiseptic rinse can help with minor toothaches, future toothaches and abscesses. Look for mouthwash with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine, and swirl the liquid around the affected area. You may also want to try rinsing with lukewarm salt water if mouthwash doesn’t appeal to you.

3.Chew Garlic or Onion
A bit of temporary bad breath is no comparison to tooth pain relief. Garlic and onions contain an antibacterial element thought to help stop pain-inducing bacteria. Chew on a piece of onion or mash up a clove of garlic and apply to the sensitive area.

4.Elevate Your Head
If a toothache is keeping you up at night, raise your head up to help reduce pressure to the affected area and help reduce the pain.

5.Apply Hot and Cold Compresses
Switch back and forth between hot and cold compresses to help find relief for minor tooth pain. Apply an ice pack for 20 minutes, and then switch to a hot water bottle for another 20 minutes. Just remember to wrap your ice pack and hot water bottle in a towel; you don’t want the hot or cold applied directly to your skin.

6.Use a Numbing Agent
Use a numbing gel like Orajel to desensitize your tooth pain. While it won’t eliminate a toothache altogether, it does offer some much-wanted temporary relief.

7.Try Tooth Wax
Something as simple as breathing in air through your mouth can bring on tooth sensitivity. By plugging the sensitive area with tooth wax or gauze, you can experience temporary relief from tooth irritation.

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