Why You Need a Root Canal

Root Canal Blog | Drs of SmilesDoes the idea of a root canal send a shiver down your spine? It shouldn’t. Because ultimately a root canal is a valuable option used to preserve a tooth. When a tooth has been significantly damaged or overrun by decay, a root canal is needed to remove the infected pulp tissue of the tooth. Typically the only other option is full tooth removal. A root canal can allow you to keep your original teeth, which can result in far better oral health over time.

You might need a root canal if…

The following symptoms may indicate a larger problem that can be fixed by getting a root canal: excessive decay, facial swelling, tooth infection, a recurring ‘pimple’ on the gums, tooth trauma, pain when chewing or applying pressure, cold or heat sensitivity, and tooth discoloration.

Root canal or tooth extraction?

Tooth removal is always a last resort. If possible, it is best to always preserve the natural tooth. If tooth extraction is needed, you will also need to get a dental implant or dental bridge. These additional procedures involve more time, more money, and are more complex. Luckily, root canals have an extremely high rate of success and once the tooth is repaired, it can last for the rest of your life.

What to expect from root canal recovery

After your root canal procedure, be extra careful when chewing with your tooth until the dental crown has been placed. Before then your tooth can be easily damaged. After the crown is placed, the tooth will act like a normal tooth and can be cleaned like your other teeth. Be sure you practice daily dental care to avoid further decay or damage to your teeth. Remember, daily preventive measures are the best way to avoid future dental health problems. If you haven’t yet, begin today to brush twice a day, floss, and rinse.

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