The Difference Between Metal and Porcelain Fillings

Metal fillings were the order of the day in years past. Thankfully, today’s porcelain/composite fillings not only give my patients a more attractive appearance, but also contribute to overall dental health. Our practice employs only porcelain/composite fillings for their superior health and cosmetic benefits. White porcelain or composite fillings easily fill small pockets or decayed areas, protecting your tooth from further damage.


Key Drawbacks of Metal Fillings
Older metal or silver amalgam fillings contain mercury. This substance causes tooth expansion and contraction, especially when you consume hot or cold drinks or food. The expansion and contraction process weakens the tooth, causing cracks. Cracks allow food particles to find their way into the tooth, promoting further decay.


Comfort and Durability of Composite Fillings
Since composite fillings don’t serve to conduct hot and cold sensations, no pain is associated with them. And the lack of expansion and contraction protect the tooth from cracking and inviting more decay.


The Attractiveness Factor
We can’t downplay the fact that porcelain/composite fillings can make your smile considerably more attractive – even when you laugh heartily. You can be confident and relaxed knowing that your fillings won’t be visible since they’ll match the rest of your teeth.


If you are in the Phoenix, Mesa or Scottsdale, Arizona region and would like to replace metal fillings with porcelain/or composite varieties, or if you need a new filling, please call (480) 834-6991 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lesueur or Dr. Dodaro today.

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