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Honestly being one that is burden with a life long phobia of dentists, I never would have thought myself to leave any review for a Dental practice. However, since finding Drs of Smiles, Dr G Lesueur and team have gone out of their way to ensure I am comfortable and calm. We have been able to fix all issues, complete 2 implants and all the maintenance along the way. I have gone from needing to be medicated and have my wife set up appointment and take me, to being a big boy, gain the ability to set my own appointments and get myself there without chemical comfort. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for the team at Drs of Smiles, at least with their office, to overcome such a debilitating fear. Thank you Dr Glenn and team!
Travis Smith
Great dentist! Staff very friendly and professional. Had dental emergency and they were able to get me in with in 24 hours . We definitely see this dentist again!
Amy Sawyer
Jeff Goins
Gregory Brady
I hate going to the dentist and haven’t been in over four years because of it. I called in to see if I could get some help with a wisdom tooth coming in. The front desk was so so nice and helped me get an appointment same day since it was an emergency. The dental hygienist (I hope that was her title) was also amazing. I was super anxious and she made small talk with me about my daughter. The dentist was also amazing, he didn’t make me feel bad about not being seen in so long. They extracted my wisdom tooth within an hour. I also scheduled an annual cleaning for the first time in years!!! All it took was one visit and I finally don’t feel afraid to go to the dentist. 😊
I highly recommend Dr.s of Smiles on Val Vista. Over the past year, Dr. Leseuer has helped me with basic dental care, a cracked tooth, a filling and a crown. The assistants, hygienist and front staff have been consistently friendly, informative and caring at each visit, also. I’m so pleased that my daughter referred me!
Andree Stahl
Dean Coats
Blanche K Schilt (Kimmy)
Glenna was very informative as she cleaned my teeth. She was sensitive to my canker sores. Also, Dr. Glenn followed up with me later in the day regarding my visit.
Scott Gelander
I never I mean never write reviews. I had an awful traumatizing experience about 2 years ago here. I figured better late then never. I broke a piece of a tooth and immediatly made an appointment for the next day at Drs of smiles. I didnt have insurance but I did have 2,000 in cash to see if I can atleast pay a big chunk and than the remainder since its was an emegency. I need this tooth to chew! When I went back they said they are pulling it with no help of numbing drugs. They said since my credit line was denied thats the only choice. I was scared about my tooth since it was my first tooth to be pulled. They had me in the room pulling my tooth out for about 30 minutes (no drugs). At one point I could see my body twitching and the Dentist says "This tooth wont come out". It gets worse, the Dentist also had a teenage or young adult relative watching my agony without my consent.I'm assuming to train him. Seems like I was his guinea pig this day. When it was all done he said "wow that tooth was very healthy on the bottom". They did not stich it closed and just shoved cottonball up the massive hole left in my mouth. I felt less than human,The dentist had no empathy or care about the whole visit. Please dont go here if you have an emergency! it will traumatize you!They dont go according to anything but their plan and their agenda.
Daisy Aston

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