TMJ / TMD Symptoms

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TMD / TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is a painful condition that is often misdiagnosed because people suffering with the disorder, and their doctors, don’t recognize and understand the symptoms. Misdiagnosis can mean a lifetime of debilitating health problems. Fortunately with proper treatment by a neuromuscular dentist, such as neuromuscular dentist Dr. LeSueur, Dr. Glenn LeSueur, and Dr. Dodaro, you can experience relief from pain even during the diagnostic phase.


Headaches, often diagnosed as migraines, are one of the most common, misinterpret symptoms of TMJ/TMD. Whether you are aware of the tension in your jaw or not, it creates tension in the muscles in your face and neck which can cause tension headaches and vascular headaches.

Neck And Back Pain

The muscles in your jaw work with the muscles in your neck which work with the muscles in your back. Tension radiates from one to the other. Added to this, the muscle tension eventually causes bad posture, and can cause your neck and back to be out of alignment.

Numbness And Tingling In The Neck And Arms

This muscle tension can put pressure on a bundle of nerves located between your neck and shoulder. This is called the brachial plexus, and it controls you arm and hand. Pressure on this nerve bundle can cause numbness and tingling in your arm, hand, and fingers.

Ear Problems

Ears a very complex with tiny delicate parts. The jaw joint and muscles are right there with the inner workings of your ears. Misalignment and tension in your jaw can affect your ears causing ringing, stuffiness, ear pain, and even infections.

Clicking And Popping Jaw

When you bite is misaligned, your jaw joints can start rubbing together in ways that they shouldn’t. A disc of cartilage normally provides cushion, but when it gets pushed out of the way the joint rubs together, clicking and popping.

Limited Jaw Movement And Locking Jaw

Your bite can be so far out of alignment that your jaw joint catches on itself and gets stuck.

Tooth Grinding

The tension in your jaw can cause you to clench and grind your teeth unconsciously. This creates more tension and exacerbates the problem, often causing headaches. It can also damage your teeth.

Chipped Or Loose Teeth

Grinding and clenching, even constantly chewing with the wrong angle of pressure, can damage your teeth over time, causing chips and broken or loose teeth. It can also cause restorations to fail.

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