Why You Might Need A Filling Replacement

Tooth Colored Fillings Mesa AZYou may need a filling replacement to help protect a tooth from additional damage, to give the tooth a more natural appearance, and inhibit harmful substances from entering the body and bloodstream. Because metal fillings don’t bond to the tooth, a large amount of perfectly good enamel must be removed from the tooth before the metal filling is inserted. A larger hole gives your dentist the room to press the metal amalgam far into the tooth so it can expand then harden.

Metal fillings

After your metal filling has been placed, temperature extremes can alter the size of the filling. For instance, temperature changes can force the filling to shrink or expand. As time goes on, these temperature changes can make the filling become lose or fall out. In severe cases, the metal filling can crack the tooth from the inside. Any of these reasons are enough to convince many patients to get their old metal fillings replaced with resin tooth fillings.

Tooth colored fillings

A tooth colored filling is made up of resin, which is capable of bonding to the tooth surface. This bonding action protects the tooth from bacteria that could potentially get into the dental cavity. Unlike metal fillings, resin fillings will not alter in shape due to temperature changes. As a result, you won’t need to worry about the filling cracking your tooth or falling out. Since resin fillings are a natural looking color, like the teeth, you can rest assured that your smile will continue to look natural and seamless.

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At Drs of Smiles, we provide services in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, emergency dentistry, and sedation dentistry. We can also address address TMJ issues (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder). If you have old metal fillings and want to get them replaced, arrange a consultation with Drs of Smiles today. you can reach our practice by calling us at (480) 834-6991. We look forward to helping you achieve your brightest, whitest, and healthiest smile yet! Don’t hesitate to call today.

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