What to Do If You Knock a Tooth Out

tooth restoration A knocked-out tooth is one of the most common reasons for emergency dental care. Whether it’s from a sudden impact or fall, getting urgent care is necessary to save the tooth and root. First things first, you should seek any care you need for other injuries, especially if you have pain anywhere on your body or suspect head trauma.

If you are not in need of other urgent medical treatment, you can contact Drs of Smiles for emergency dental services in Mesa, AZ. When you find yourself with a knocked-out tooth, follow these steps.

Clean the Tooth With Warm Water or Milk

Do not scrub the tooth or submerge it in soap. Just run it under warm tap water or rinse it with milk. This will remove any bacteria so you can prepare to place it back in your mouth. Also avoid wrapping the tooth in paper towels, as this can remove essential moisture the root needs to survive.

Gently Place the Tooth in the Gap It Created

Time is of the essence; any tooth placed back in the socket within five minutes has a high survival rate. But you absolutely do not want to wait longer than an hour to reinsert the tooth.

To place a knocked-out tooth back in the socket:

  • Pick the tooth up by the bottom (crown) and avoid contact with the root.
  • Gently push the tooth back into the socket (toward the gums) with easy pressure and a slow, controlled motion.
  • Avoid jamming or forcing the tooth back in place.
  • Lightly close your mouth to hold the tooth while you get to an emergency dentist.

If You Can’t Get the Tooth Back in the Socket, Don’t Panic

It’s possible that your knocked-out tooth does not fit easily back into your mouth. In that case, you can either hold it in your mouth between your gum and cheek to moisten it with saliva, or place it in a glass of milk.

Milk is the best way to support a knocked-out tooth while you’re on your way to the ER or dentist; because it’s rich in proteins that coat the tooth, milk protects the root for up to 60 minutes.

There are also tooth preservation kits you can buy and keep handy with your other first-aid essentials; these kits contain tooth-sized jars that protect your tooth for up to 24 hours.

Call Drs of Smiles for Emergency Dental Care Anytime

The team at Drs of Smiles offers full-time emergency dental services to protect your smile. If you or your child have suddenly knocked out a tooth, call 480-834-6991. For non-emergency needs, you can contact the office by sending an email.

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