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What parents need to know about permanent teeth

One of the milestones that many parents look forward to is the loss of a child’s first tooth. Missing teeth is a common occurrence for children as their primary teeth make way for permanent teeth. The permanent teeth are the teeth that will need to last the rest of one’s life, so with proper care […]

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What you Should Know about Tongue-Tie

Tongue-tie is an issue that is recognizable at birth. It occurs when the tissue used to attach the tongue to the lower mouth (lingual frenulum) isn’t long enough. This results in limited tongue movement and difficulty breast-feeding. Though the primary cause of tongue-tie is not yet known, it can run in families or can show […]

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How to Save your Teeth this Halloween

Halloween is here and so are mountains of treats and sweets everywhere you turn. You can help your teeth safely survive the candy onslaught by following a few simple tips every day. Go cold turkey For some, it is easier to simply avoid every and all types of candies and sweets during Halloween. This will […]

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Is Your Child Too Much Like Linus?

Sometimes it seems the main job of a parent is to worry. And when your child is young you’re probably worried if he or she is sucking their thumb too long. Is the thumb sucking damaging their teeth? Should they have stopped by this point? When it comes to this area, there is a poster […]

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Should I Pull My Child’s Loose Tooth?

When do baby teeth fall out? Children generally start to lose their baby teeth around age six, and most of them will have fallen out by age 12. They usually fall out in the same order they came in, and typically the front teeth will come out first. what to do when your child’s tooth […]

Teeth Grinding in Children

Teeth Grinding in Children

Grinding teeth, or bruxism, is a common condition in children, and most teeth grinding takes place during the nighttime hours. Depending on the intensity and frequency of the grinding, bruxism puts your child at risk for a variety of dental problems. In most cases, children who grind their teeth don’t even know they’re doing it, […]

Help Your Child Kick These 5 Dental Habits

Help Your Child Kick These 5 Dental Habits

Getting your child to brush can feel like a battle of wills. There may even be days where you consider letting it slide just to avoid a fight. But don’t give in. Children can develop cavities in their baby teeth as early as age two, so it’s important to instill good oral hygiene habits in […]

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