Boost Your Child’s Oral Health With This Fun Stocking Stuffer

disclosing tablets The holidays are fast approaching, and while socks and toothbrushes may not be every kid’s dream stocking stuffer, disclosing tablets are sure to be a hit! As dentists, we frequently look for ways to make pediatric dentistry more exciting for our youngest patients. During the holiday season, we encourage parents to sneak in some presents that get kids excited about their oral health.

Disclosing tablets highlight plaque and help your children see the germs on their teeth — then they get to “fight off” the bacteria by brushing (with a super-cool toothbrush, of course).

What Are Disclosing Tablets?

Disclosing tablets are dissolvable tablets made from a vegetable dye. This dye is completely harmless, but it will temporarily “stain” teeth to show children (or grown-ups!) where plaque is on their teeth.

A study in the International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry revealed that disclosing can be an effective way of removing more plaque in dental practices. At home, these tablets can carry the same benefit, especially among children who are less enthusiastic about brushing their teeth.

Are They Safe?

Generally, these tablets carry no harm and are safe for children to use. However, before introducing them, we suggest reaching out to both your dentist and pediatrician to ensure that the disclosing tablets you’ve chosen are the right choice for your little one.

You should also not give any children under the age of 6. Also, be sure to read the ingredients and ensure your child is not allergic to any of them. If you are unsure, ask a dentist which tablets they recommend and double-check with your child’s pediatrician.

Give Kids a Headstart on Their Oral Health

Anything that makes dental hygiene more interactive and rewarding is a good way to instill healthy habits in your child. Disclosing tablets for kids are one way you can inspire your little one to be more involved in their oral health. Seeing the fruits of their labor pay off as the tablets gradually reveal less plaque each week is a major reward!

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