Benefits of Using Fluoride Products for Your Teeth

fluoride dental hygiene 768x512.jpgFluoride should be an integral part of every individual’s oral hygiene routine. However, some people are still unaware of its benefits. This post discusses fluoride’s essential role in keeping the teeth strong and healthy while improving overall oral health.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral based on fluorine, commonly found in water, rocks, and soil, though not enough to meet our suggested daily intake. That’s why many U.S. state governments have established fluoridation programs to increase the level of fluoride in their water system, ensuring community members receive their daily amount of fluoride to maintain their overall health. But there are also a variety of other fluoride products you can add to your routine to protect your smile.


Fluoride provides numerous benefits for your teeth, including:

  • Removing harmful acids that wear down tooth enamel
  • Preventing enamel from demineralizing
  • Breaking down food acids in the teeth

As we consume foods and beverages, the enamel on the teeth erodes. Fluoride replaces the minerals in our teeth that are lost due to erosion. In some cases, fluoride can also reverse minor tooth decay that has already started.

Application Methods

Fluoride in drinking water enters our bloodstream and is eventually used to create enamel. Even before babies develop their first teeth, the fluoride they consume through their food and beverages helps to support their enamel when their teeth come in.

Our state and local governments carefully control the level of fluoride in drinking water since too much and too little fluoride can both be harmful.

You can also apply fluoride topically by using oral products that contain fluoride. In this case, fluoride mixes with saliva to coat the enamel from the outside, protecting it from acids and sugars. Common products with fluoride include mouthwash and toothpaste.

Professional fluoride treatments at your local dentist are another possible source of fluoride for dental health. These treatments contain a higher concentration of fluoride than commercial products and are beneficial for both adults and children.

Make Fluoride a Part of Your Dental Hygiene Routine

A variety of fluoride products are available to improve your dental care routine. Ask our team for their fluoride product recommendations and ensure you take the proper precautions to protect your teeth. Contact Drs of Smiles in Mesa, AZ, at 480-834-6991 or submit an online contact form.

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