Can Sedation Dentistry help with RLS?

Sedation Dentistry | Mesa AZRestless leg syndrome (RLS) is a disorder of the nervous system that can make it impossible to keep the legs still. People with RLS often report general discomfort in the legs along with sensations such as throbbing, itching, pins and needles, and creepy crawly feelings that produce an often overwhelming need to move. While RLS is uncomfortable enough under normal circumstances, it can make a visit to the dentist – even for something as routine as a cleaning and examination – seem terribly unpleasant.

Can anything be done to increase comfort during dental visits for people with RLS? Yes, and that something is sedation dentistry. At our Mesa office, sedation dentists Dr. Scott LeSueur and Dr. Charles Dodaro offer both nitrous oxide and conscious oral sedation options, enabling us to provide individual patients with the precise method of relaxation best suited to their needs. If you struggle with RLS, we will work individually with you to find the most effective sedation option, helping ensure you remain comfortable, relaxed, and still during your visits – even if those visits require longer periods of sitting.  During your initial consultation we will assess your medical history, discuss your sedation options, and help you choose the method that will allow you to receive the comprehensive dental care you deserve.

To schedule your sedation dentistry consultation at our Mesa office, please contact Drs of Smiles online or by calling (480) 834-6991 today. We welcome patients from Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and all surrounding areas of Arizona.

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