TMJ Exercises

Although TMJ/TMD is a recurring condition that can be permanently treated with neuromuscular dentistry, patients have begun reporting success alleviating their symptoms through the use of TMJ exercises that stretch and relax the jaw muscles. If you search the internet you may find a variety of suggested exercises to help alleviate your TMD symptoms.


At this point, no at-home exercises are officially endorsed as relieving pain caused by TMD, however, you may find that these exercises temporarily relieve your TMJ pain. Many neuromuscular dentists are encouraging patients to perform TMJ exercises, if they help alleviate discomfort, and, our dentists are no different.


However, you should take these exercises slowly and be careful not to injure your jaw by performing them incorrectly. Also, keep in mind that the only known permanent treatment for TMD is realigning the jaw to its ideal position, which can only be done by a neuromuscular dentist.


You can find out if your symptoms are caused by TMJ/TMD through an examination with one of our neuromuscular dentists. Please contact Phoenix TMJ dentists Dr. LeSueur and Dr. Dodaro today to schedule your appointment and find relief from your TMJ pain. We welcome patients from the surrounding areas of Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe, Arizona.

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