What Should I Expect at a Dental Cleaning?

If you have a dental issue like a cavity, getting it treated now can prevent further treatments, that can end up being more invasive (and expensive) than you would like. We are gentle and give you the best care imaginable. Keep reading to learn all about what happens at a dental cleaning, and why it’s nothing to worry about. Even if it’s been a little while, a cleaning is generally pretty straight forward.

Before the Cleaning

Before the cleaning starts, your hygienist will ask you about any issues or sensitivity you may have. This helps us make sure we deliver the best, most comfortable experience possible. If we know about sensitivity beforehand, we can make sure to avoid causing pain due to a cavity, for example.

You may also be suggested to have X-rays taken of your teeth. Seeing inside the teeth allows your dentist to understand the health of your mouth, and helps us to see track changes as time goes on. Taking x-rays is a painless, easy procedure.

The Cleaning

Depending on how your dental office operates, your hygienist may use handheld tools or electronic tools to gently remove tartar and plaque buildup from your teeth. Though it may sound louder in your head, our hygienists are very gentle to avoid causing any harm. The removal of tartar can help your teeth feel smooth and healthy!

There may be a cavity or a cold sensitivity that makes itself known during your cleaning. If you feel any pain or discomfort during your cleaning, please let us know. After that comes a good floss. Your hygienist will go through and floss around each tooth, ensuring that any remaining tartar is removed.


Your dentist will come in to examine your teeth. This is usually a fairly quick visit, but if you have an issue then they will discuss options to treat the problem with you. Cavities can be filled with minimal discomfort (if any) if they are caught early enough. Other issues can often be resolved with commitment to great oral hygiene

If it’s been a while since you’ve had a cleaning, then call us today at (480) 834-6991 to schedule a consultation with us.

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