Signs you may need dentures

As we age, our dental care needs will naturally change. Children require different dental care than adults, and the elderly also need a provider that can help with smile restoration. Dentures are a common restoration used for patients who have experienced the loss of one, several, or all their teeth. But many patients are unsure as to when they need to ask their dentist about restorative dentistry solutions such as dentures. Below are just a few of the different signs that may occur that might indicate the need for dentures to restore the smile.

  • Toothaches/severe tooth pain – patients who have pain and sensitivity of the teeth may be dealing with advanced stages of periodontal disease or tooth decay. They might have an infection or condition that puts their tooth at risk for extraction. When patients are experiencing pain, it is vital that they book an appointment with their dentist for an evaluation. The earlier these problems are caught, the easier they are to treat without extraction.
  • Missing teeth. Some patients are missing teeth due to periodontal disease, tooth decay, or failed root canals. When teeth are missing, it can cause the existing teeth to shift out of place and cause increased misalignment. By replacing teeth as soon as possible, patients can avoid these problems while maintaining the function and appearance of the smile.
  • Loose or shifting teeth. Late stages of periodontal disease can result in the shifting of natural teeth. This is because bone loss occurs. The jaw bone is the foundation for the natural teeth, and if it shrinks in size due to dental resorption, the teeth can become loose and reposition themselves. Our team may recommend extraction of the remaining teeth and the placement of full dentures in situations such as this.

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