Four Foods That Hurt Your Teeth

General Dentistry Mesa AZStudies show that a bright white smile makes you appear more capable and confident. What are you doing to keep your teeth looking their best? Even if you’re eating all the right foods for your teeth (like fruits and vegetables), you should also be avoiding the foods that damage your teeth. Here are four foods that you should keep out of your kitchen to protect your dental health.

Hard Candies

While a piece of candy here and there may seem inconsequential to your teeth, it isn’t wise to constantly expose them to sugar. Even more, hard candies pose a risk of causing a dental problem such as a chipped or broken tooth. Instead, keep sugarless gum on hand for something easy to chew that won’t harm your teeth.


Oddly, many people seem to think that ice is actually good for their teeth because it’s made of water and doesn’t have any sugar or harmful ingredients. Like hard candy, chewing on hard items like ice can potentially hurt your teeth and cause issues with the enamel. Try breaking the habit but not putting ice in your drink.


Citrus has wonderful amounts of vitamin C that are essential to a healthy body, but acidic foods can wear away at teeth enamel. This can make the teeth increasingly vulnerable to decay, cavities, and eventually tooth loss. Citric fruits can also cause pain to any mouth sores. Don’t cut out citrus from your life; just be mindful about how much you consume it.


If you area the type of coffee drinker that adds sugar to their morning beverage, you are putting your teeth unnecessarily at risk. Furthermore, because coffee is caffeinated it can dry out the mouth. When the mouth is dry bacteria can easily develop. If you can’t go without your cup of coffee, try to cut out your add ins and drink more water

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