The Truth About Cavities

Family Dentistry Mesa AZBad breath, tooth pain, and tooth sensitivity are all symptoms of cavities. A combination of at home dental care and regular dental office visits can help ward off these pesky but common dental problems. As you care for your teeth, make sure you are aware of the truth and myths about cavities. Let’s set the record straight about what causes a cavity and the signs you should watch out for.

If I don’t feel pain, can I still have a cavity?

Yes. Just because you don’t have tooth sensitivity or pain doesn’t mean you are cavity free. If your tooth is hurting, it has probably advanced to a more severe stage of decay or the root of the tooth has become irritated. To avoid this, schedule regular dental cleanings with your dentist. During these visits, special X-rays are taken and analyzed to look for signs of cavities.

If a food is sugar free, can it still cause cavities?

Yes. There is a strong misconception that drinking something like sugar free soda, won’t have an adverse impact on your dental health. The truth? The more acid a food has in it, the greater the damage it can cause. Sugar free soda may be better for your teeth, but keep in mind that all sodas can cause erosion to the teeth.

Once a cavity starts, can it be fixed?

Yes and no. Once the enamel on the surface has been penetrated by bacteria, the damage is irreversible. But don’t worry! You can stop or slow down the rate of decay.

If I have a brown spot on my tooth do I have a cavity?

Sometimes. Oftentimes the decay process will begin then stop. During that phase the enamel will harden up and have a discolored look to it.

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