Realign the Smile with an “Invisible” Orthodontic Treatment!

Imperfectly aligned teeth can negatively impact the appearance of a smile. However, teenagers and adults sometimes hesitate to tell their dentist that they are interested in realigning their smile because they fear the idea of traditional braces. Metal brackets and wires can be unsightly, and many patients find they would be embarrassed having them in place. Thankfully, the team at Drs of Smiles Gentle Family Dentistry has a solution for patients to consider: Invisalign.

Understanding how Invisalign works

Invisalign has changed the way in which patients realign their smiles. This method of orthodontic treatment is handled by our dentists, eliminating the need for a referral to an orthodontist. This treatment does not use brackets or wires. Instead, it utilizes plastic aligner trays that are clear and that cover the natural dental arch to gently reposition the teeth. Because these aligner trays are clear and thin, they are difficult to discern.

Each patient is given a series of trays to use in achieving their desired smile. Each tray should be worn for two weeks before moving onto the next tray. By the end of treatment, patients will have a perfectly aligned smile without the need for traditional metal bracket and wire braces. The entire process can take approximately one year, depending on the severity of the misalignment.

How often do I have to wear the trays?

Compliance is incredibly important to achieving the results patients desire. If patients do not comply with treatment, there may be delays and additional costs to the patient. By wearing the trays day and night, patients can ensure they reach their desired final result. Patients do need to remove the trays when eating, drinking, and caring for their smile. It is highly recommended that patients wear their aligners at least 20 hours each day for proper compliance.

Find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign

Drs. Scott LeSueur, Charles Dodaro, and Glenn LeSueur of Mesa, AZ are pleased to offer Invisalign for teenagers and adults seeking realignment of the smile. A consultation appointment is the best time to determine candidacy. Call the practice at (480) 834-6991 today to schedule a visit and discuss your options for enhancing your smile!

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