Three Reasons Why Patients Request to Have Their Silver Amalgam or Metal Fillings Replaced

Your smile is the first thing others will see when they meet you for the first time. This first impression can last forever and needs to be a positive one! Patients in and around the area of Mesa, AZ who are seeking a beautiful smile can start with the replacement of silver amalgam or metal fillings.

What are fillings?

Fillings are restorations that are placed in the smile when a patient has experienced cavities. Cavities can impact the dental health greatly. These holes in the teeth can increase sensitivity and can invite infection and disease. By cleaning these areas and filling them with materials, the decay can be stopped and the tooth restored.

Many dentists use either metal fillings or an alternative known as silver amalgam. Both of these have downfalls that need to be considered when it comes to overall oral health and wellness. Patients who visit our practice may request to have these fillings safely removed and replaced for the following reasons:

  • Safety. Recent studies continually show that materials such as silver amalgam are fabricated with 50% mercury—a substance that is toxic to the human body. By removing these fillings and replacing them with composite resin fillings, patients are doing what is best for their oral health and wellness.
  • Appearance. Composite resin bonding is the material commonly used to replace metal and silver amalgam fillings. This material is tooth-colored, making it practically impossible for others to notice that dental work has been done.
  • Reduced risk of infection. Materials such as silver amalgam can expand and contract with temperature changes in the mouth. Actions such as simply drinking hot coffee can cause silver amalgam to contract. When these fillings contract, they leave areas open within the tooth for bacteria to enter, which increases one’s risk of infection.

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