Pregnancy and Your Teeth

Pregnancy and Your TeethWhen you’re pregnant, it may not occur to you that good oral health is essential to the health of your baby. In fact, changes to your body can cause your gums to bleed, which is called gingivitis. When left untreated, gingivitis may lead to more serious gum disease. And studies have shown that gum disease can cause babies to be born prematurely and underweight. That’s why a healthy mouth is something to strive for, especially when you’re expecting. To make sure you and baby stay healthy, consider the following tips.

Dental Health Tips:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day. And make sure you use fluoridated toothpaste. It’s also a good idea to replace your tooth brush every three months or at the first signs of splayed bristles, whichever comes first.
  • Floss daily. This is important whether you’re pregnant or not. But when you’re expecting, flossing takes on further importance to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect against gum disease. That’s because your toothbrush isn’t able to reach the areas between your teeth.
  • Be mindful of morning sickness. If you vomit due to nausea, your stomach acids can attach to your teeth and cause tooth decay. After a bout of morning sickness, rinse your mouth with a cup of water mixed with a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Curb your cravings. You may want to binge on sugar snacks or those with a high level of acidity, but try to resist the urge. When sugar and acid sits on your teeth for a long period of time, it begins to erode tooth enamel. Instead, look to up your water and calcium intake.
  • Visit your dentist before delivery. Tell your dentist if you’re pregnant so they can take the necessary precautions to keep your baby safe. This will also help your dentist determine the most important treatments for you before your delivery. And if possible, try to schedule your check-up during your second trimester, after any morning sickness has passed and before you start to feel uncomfortable for added baby weight.

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