What parents need to know about permanent teeth

One of the milestones that many parents look forward to is the loss of a child’s first tooth. Missing teeth is a common occurrence for children as their primary teeth make way for permanent teeth. The permanent teeth are the teeth that will need to last the rest of one’s life, so with proper care and attention, many children can enjoy their permanent teeth for a lifetime. Knowing more about permanent teeth will help parents better understand the process of smile development and know when to bring their children in for necessary dental care.

How many teeth should we have?

The baby teeth, which often come into the mouth around six months, are often lost during the early school years for most children. Then, permanent teeth erupt through the gumline. Children often have approximately 20 primary teeth, which are then lost and make way for 32 adult, “permanent” teeth. The primary teeth are just as important as the permanent teeth, as they help children learn how to properly chew food while making space available for the permanent teeth to come through later on.

When should I expect permanent teeth to come in?

Children develop their primary teeth up until around age 2 or 3. The loss of these teeth, and the replacement with permanent teeth, occurs starting around the age of 6 and up until approximately 12 years of age. The third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” often erupt through the gumline in the late teen years or early adult years, but are often problematic for patients. These may be extracted for many adults due to the problems that can arise from their development or impaction.

How do I care for my permanent teeth?

Permanent teeth should be cared for with regular brushing, flossing, and dental visits. This will ensure conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay do not impact the function and health of these teeth with time.

Good oral healthcare can help with the maintenance of permanent teeth

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