Root Canal: Know the Signs That You May Need One

root canal Keeping your teeth healthy is more than just a way to keep them looking shiny-white and clean—it’s also a surefire way to avoid countless forms of tooth and gum disease that can become a real toothache, to put it mildly. One unfortunately-common tooth issue that can occur is tooth decay. Whether it’s caused by poor dental hygiene or an unfortunate genetic predisposition that makes it easier to happen, the go-to solution for more severe cases is root canal treatment.

With that stated, various dental issues share similar symptoms. So—how can you know whether or not your dental problem may require root canal treatment? Here are the three most common symptoms to watch out for:

Painful Toothaches When Chewing and Eating

First and foremost, consistent tooth pain any time you’re chewing and eating is a major giveaway that you likely need a root canal. Tooth decay causes this by weakening your teeth and exposing the sensitive nerves within and around them. Of course, not every toothache is a sign of some deeper underlying issue, but when they happen consistently—even after only chewing very briefly—then you may have a problem on your hands.

Severe Tooth Discoloration

As the plaque and tooth decay continues to eat away at an afflicted tooth, they break down and destroy the tooth’s enamel, which causes a brown discoloration to occur. Though tooth discoloration can be caused by a myriad of dental issues, discoloration that may call for root canal treatment will likely be far more pronounced and noticeable than the discoloration caused by smoking or staining.

Bad Breath and Pimple-Like Sores

If you’re consistently good with your oral hygiene, then insurmountable bad breath is often a sign of some underlying issue that may require root canal treatment. In conjunction with this unavoidable bad breath, pimple-like sores may begin to appear along the gums around the decaying tooth—this will be your clearest signal that the tooth decay has seriously progressed and will undoubtedly need a root canal.

Simple and Effective Root Canal From Drs of Smiles

If you have a tooth that is unfortunately in need of a root canal, save yourself the discomfort of letting it sit any longer—give Drs of Smiles a call today at 480-834-6991. With a prime location in Mesa, AZ, Drs of Smiles offer their services to the entire greater-Phoenix area.

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