Root Canal Treatment: Separating Fact From Fiction

Root Canal Treatment: Separating Fact From FictionThe term “root canal” strikes fear in the hearts of many. Nobody likes the idea of going to the dentist for what is perceived as a painful and invasive procedure. In fact, there are many myths surrounding root canal treatment. But it may be surprising to learn that what you thought were facts are actually fiction when it comes to having a root canal.

Myth #1: Having a root canal is painful

Fact: Root canal treatment actually relieves pain
Many people believe root canals area painful because of treatment methods that were used decades ago to perform the procedure. Actually, root canal treatment is no more uncomfortable than getting a filling thanks to modern technologies and anesthetics. A root canal is usually performed because of an infected pulp in the mouth (pulpitis), broken teeth, or a slowly dying nerve. This damage causes pain, and a root canal alleviates it.

Myth #2: A root canal can contribute to illness and disease
Fact: Root canal treatment is not scientifically linked to causing illness or disease.
Nearly a century ago, a poorly-designed research study by Dr. Weston A. Price claimed that bacteria trapped inside a tooth that receives a root canal will cause illnesses like heart disease, kidney disease or arthritis. This has since been debunked, but the idea still lingers in many people’s minds, giving them pause to seek the treatment they need. In truth, a root canal is designed to eliminate bacteria when there is a severe infection in a tooth, preventing reinfection and ultimately saving the tooth.

Myth #3: It’s better to pull the tooth than have a root canal
Fact: When possible, it’s better to save your tooth than pull it
By keeping your own teeth instead of having artificial teeth, you can continue to eat a wide variety of foods, which helps you get the essential nutrients your body needs for good health. In fact, most teeth that are treated via root canal last a lifetime.

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