Help! I have Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive Teeth Mesa AZDoes a sip of ice water or a spoonful of hot soup hurt your teeth? If it does, you may be suffering from sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth is a condition that causes pain or discomfort when your teeth interact with hot, cold, sweet, or sour beverages or foods.

Why do I have sensitive teeth?

Teeth can become sensitive when the inner layer of the tooth (dentin) is exposed. Within your teeth there live thousands of miniscule paths full of nerves that end at the tooth’s center. These nerve pathways enable stimuli to reach the main nerve in the tooth. When the outer layer of the tooth leaves these nerves exposed, intense pain can occur when exposed to stimuli such as hot or cold.

Sensitive teeth can also be due to: dental cavities, worn out tooth enamel, a cracked tooth, exposed roots, periodontal disease, a receding gum line, teeth bleaching, brushing too hard, or tooth decay at the gum line.

Treatments for sensitive teeth

Drs of Smiles recommends any of the following treatments to help ease your tooth sensitivity.

  • Desensitizing toothpaste: Regularly brush with a special desensitizing toothpaste to help relieve tooth sensitivity.
  • Fix root surfaces:  A specific sealant can be utilized to cover up exposed tooth roots.
  • Use an extra soft bristled toothbrush: By using the correct type of toothbrush, you’ll diminish the probability of causing damage, irritation, or abrasion to your teeth. Brush softly but thoroughly around the teeth and gums to help avoid recession.
  • Stop grinding your teeth: You may need to get a mouth guard to wear at night to avoid damage caused by teeth grinding.
  • Fluoridated dental products: Speak with your dentist about getting a prescription fluoride or mouthwash to help reduce your tooth sensitivity.

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Many of the problems associated with sensitive teeth can be avoided in the first place by making regular dental exams a priority. To schedule your next exam, contact Drs of Smiles today by calling (480) 834-6991 at our office located in Mesa, Arizona.

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