Reasons Why You Should Never Ignore Tooth Sensitivity

tooth sensitivity 300x200.jpgMild tooth sensitivity is common. However, prolonged tooth sensitivity and sharp pains could point to a more serious issue. There could be some underlying conditions that can continue to worsen without treatment. Here are some key reasons why you shouldn’t ignore tooth sensitivity.

The Onset of a Cavity

Your tooth’s enamel is the hardest substance in your body. It endures a substantial amount of impact over your lifetime while shielding the nerves in your teeth. Cavities occur when the plaque on your enamel interacts with sugar. This reaction creates an acid that eats away at your enamel, creating a hole that exposes the nerves in your teeth.

When people first get cavities, there is rarely any pain. That’s why they’re so often surprised when we tell them they have a cavity. However, if not treated quickly, the cavity can worsen.

Receding Gum Line and Gum Disease

There are multiple reasons for a receding gum line. Smoking, grinding your teeth, age, poor oral hygiene, not brushing and flossing enough, or brushing and flossing too hard are a few possible reasons your gums might recede. However, when they do, small holes in your gums are exposed. Those holes go directly to the nerves in your teeth.

Not only does a receding gum line expose your teeth to cavities, but it can lead to serious gum disease as the lower portions of dentin (holes) are no longer protected by your tooth’s enamel. This means bacteria can enter those holes and cause further issues.

Cracked and Chipped Teeth or a Dislodged Filling

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with cavities or a receding gum line. This is especially true for those who practice good oral hygiene. Sometimes, tooth sensitivity can be caused by a cracked or chipped tooth or a filling that has been dislodged. It’s not uncommon for people to chip or crack a tooth – not feel any pain initially – and experience pain and discomfort at a later time.

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