The connection between Gum Disease and other Diseases

Studies are continuing to come forward associating diseases of the gums with other systemic diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, preterm labor, osteoporosis, Alzheimer”s disease, and even some types of cancers have all been linked in many new studies to oral health conditions. The International Journal Of Cardiology and the New England Journal of Medicine have both recently contained articles connecting oral health to vascular and heart health. The lining of the blood vessels seems to be very definitely affected the severity of the gum disease and if that gum disease is improved so does the lining of the blood vessels. The connection seems to be through the toxins released by the bacteria in the oral plaques and tartar that cause the red swollen gums that many people have. Gum disease occurs at many different levels from the gingivitis of red swollen gums all the way to periodontal disease which causes deep defects under the gums and bone and tooth loss. We hope everyone will get regular cleanings and checkups to catch and treat gum disease before more severe health problems develop. Please call for an appointment to check and treat your teeth and gums.

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