Halloween Candy and Tooth Decay

Halloween Candy and Tooth DecayAs we near Halloween, our consumption of sugary treats often increases accordingly. However, this increase in candy consumption can have an adverse effect on your oral health if special care isn’t taken. Is it necessary to avoid candy? Not at all. But it is necessary to improve your daily routine to fully avoid the problems too much candy can cause.

What are the best ways to protect your teeth this Halloween? For starters, avoid chewing hard candy and try to minimize the amount of time you allow candy to stay in the mouth. These steps help prevent chips and cracks, and slow the process of decay.

Avoid sticky and chewy candy. These types of candy can not only destroy restorations, they can stick to the surface of teeth and increase risks for cavities. Brushing after every snack will help minimize this, but may not be enough for really sticky stuff. Do brush though, after every meal and snack, and floss morning and night for optimal benefit.

In addition to these steps, you can protect your teeth year round by visiting our Mesa dentists at least once every six months. These visits allow us to professionally clean your teeth and to treat issues as they arise.

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