How to Prevent Gum Disease

We’ve seen many unnecessary cases of gum disease in our practice. Gum disease is preventable with good dental hygiene, but once you get it, it’s difficult to stop. Tooth and bone loss can result from untreated gum disease, and unsightly swollen, red gums are also its hallmark.


Steps to avoiding gum disease include the following:
• Brush regularly
It goes without saying that regular tooth brushing is essential. But do you brush long enough? Two minutes of gentle brushing with a soft brush is the minimum. Don’t brush too firmly—this can damage your gums and even cause bleeding.
• Floss consistently
You just can’t skip flossing since your brush can’t access those hard-to-reach places. You’ll be a prime candidate for gum disease if you skip this critical step.
• Use dye tablets
Give dye tablets a try to monitor how well you’re brushing; the stains they leave will help you locate the areas you’re missing when you brush.
• Drink lots of water
Dry mouths are a haven for bacteria growth. Hydrate frequently to reduce plaque accumulation.
• Eat healthfully
A balanced diet helps preserve your teeth and gums. Include lots of folic acid, Vitamin C, and zinc to arm your immune system to fend off tooth decay.
• Get regular professional cleanings
While good, at-home dental hygiene is an important key to dental health, don’t neglect routine professional cleanings. Only your dentist can access difficult-to-reach places and give your teeth the periodic thorough cleaning they require.


If you are interested in getting a top-notch professional cleaning, please contact the offices of Drs. Lesueur and Dodaro today at (480) 834-6991 to schedule an appointment.

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