TMJ/TMD Technology

The most common equipment used in TMJ/TMD treatment and diagnosis are:

• TENS machine. This machine has small pads that are positioned on your face. Gentle electrical impulses are administered through the pads. The impulses act like a massage, encouraging the muscles to relax. The TENS machine greatly reduces TMJ/TMD pain and discomfort and gives a clues to more permanent corrections.

• K-7 unit. This machine tracks and records the movement of your jaw so your dentist can determine a more precise cause and appropriate correction of your TMD symptoms. The K7 tracks movement when you chew, speak, open and close your jaw, and swallow.

• Electromyography. This device measures the electrical activity in your muscles. This information will provide your dentist with insight into how your muscles are behaving while at rest and in motion. Most TMJ pains are of muscular origin and diagnosing and correcting improper activity levels allows resolution of many TMJ pains.

• Sonography. This devise notes noises caused by TMJ malfunction that gives your dentist clues about causes and timing of problems in TMJ function.

• Splint. This is a devise constructed to fit the teeth of a TMJ dysfunction patient and allow repositioning of the bite to bring relieve and help diagnose final and correct position for joint and muscle health.

Based on your dentist’s findings from TMJ/TMD testing, treatment will consist of alleviating your symptoms while also treating the cause. Oftentimes, these symptoms are experienced as a result of a misaligned bite. When your teeth and jaws come together incorrectly, muscles become tense and painful thus adversely affecting TMJ function.

If you are experiencing TMJ symptoms in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, please contact the experienced Arizona dentists Dr. Scott LeSueur and Dr. Charles Dodaro to schedule a consultation.

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