How are cavities addressed at Drs. of Smiles in Mesa, AZ?

Fillings | Mesa, AZ | If you’re experiencing a sensitive tooth, or have a toothache that is concerning, the team of Drs of Smiles in Mesa, AZ encourages you to book a consultation visit and initial evaluation. In many cases, these issues may be caused by areas of decay known as “cavities.” Cavities are holes that develop into the natural tooth structure due to poor oral health habits and can cause sensitivity and pain in the tooth.

How does a dentist treat an area of tooth decay?

Tooth decay is damage that impacts the structure and overall health of a tooth. When it develops, it needs to be diagnosed and addressed as soon as possible to avoid it becoming a bigger and more expensive problem for the patient. With fillings, the dentist can restore the tooth’s structure, treat the area of decay, and keep it from becoming larger.

What is a dental filling?

Dental fillings are the best way to address cavities. Drs of Smiles is proud to use safe and aesthetic fillings created from composite resin bonding. This material is tooth-colored and makes it difficult to tell where dental treatment was completed. Composite resin bonding is also more effective at sealing off a tooth than silver amalgam fillings which have been used heavily in the past. These fillings are not only unsightly, but they also expand and contract with temperature changes—putting the treated tooth at risk for infection if bacteria enter into the area.

What can I expect when obtaining a filling?

Fillings are a routine procedure performed at most dental practices. At Drs of Smiles, we ensure patients are comfortable before we offer treatment with appropriate sedation and anesthetics. The area of decay is removed and cleaned prior to placing the filling. The filling is hardened and cured with a special light. The entire process only takes about 10-15 minutes to complete on a single tooth.

Obtain fillings today with the team at Drs of Smiles

Mesa, AZ patients interested in dental care, including the placement of fillings, are advised to call Drs of Smiles at (480) 834-6991 to schedule an appointment and thorough evaluation of the problem at hand. The practice is located at 1056 South Val Vista Dr., Suite #1 and accepts new patients and families.

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