6 Steps for Brushing With Braces

6 Steps for Brushing With BracesWhen you have braces, brushing your teeth can seem like a daunting task. It can be difficult to navigate all those nooks and crannies with a mouth full or wire and brackets. But brushing with braces doesn’t have to feel impossible. In fact, if you follow these helpful steps, you’ll be on the road to brushing like a brace-faced pro in no time.

Step 1: Choose your brush
Are you an electronic toothbrush person, or do you prefer a regular toothbrush? Either will do nicely, just make sure you’re applying the right amount of pressure, and angle the bristles both upwards and downward for the best cleaning.

Step 2: Brush the outsides
You have many sides to your teeth, all of which must be cleaned. Start by positioning your brush at a slant toward your gum line and the top of your teeth, and then brush the front side beginning on the outside of your bottom teeth. Apply the toothbrush back and forth across your teeth while gradually moving along the bottom row, including your molars. Then gently brush the front of your top teeth in circular motions, making sure to reach the back molars on top, as well. Finish by brushing the tops of your brackets.

Step 3: Brush the insides

Move your brush back and forth, then up and down, and finally in circular motions to brush the insides of your top and bottom teeth. This will be significantly easier to do than the outside because there aren’t any braces to contend with.

Step 4: Brush the crowns
Use your toothbrush to brush back and forth, and then in a circular motion, to reach those crevices that hold food particles and plaque.

Step 5: Brush your tongue
Your tongue is a breeding ground for bacteria, so give it a brush, making sure to breathe out of your mouth to avoid gagging.

Step 6: Rinse and inspect
How do your teeth look? Do you see anything you’ve missed? If so, brush the affected area quickly and rinse again.

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