Bad Breath? These Foods Could Be to Blame

Bad Breath? These Foods Could Be to BlameNothing can ostracize you quicker than bad breath. It can be embarrassing for you and downright uncomfortable for those around you. If you have bad breath, what you eat and drink may be to blame. Here is a list of some of the biggest food culprits out there when it comes to bad breath.


In the morning, a fresh pot of coffee is a welcome aroma. But once you drink it, the natural enzymes and acidity found in coffee couples with your saliva to cause foul-smelling breath. And the caffeine in coffee can dry out your mouth and slow saliva production, which leads to bad breath.


Perhaps it’s no surprise that onions made the list. Onions contain an amino acid called allin, which turns to sulfenic acid when chopped up. This acid is what causes your eyes to tear up and also makes your mouth smell awful.


As your body digests garlic, it absorbs into your bloodstream and transmits to your lungs. When you breathe in and out, you emit this stinky odor long after you’ve eaten. What’s more, this gas is also released from your skin.


The unique flavor of horseradish sauce comes from a chemical compound called isothiocyanate. This substance is found in a plant that is known for smelling bad enough to ward off animals. It can also wreak havoc on your social life.

Canned Tuna

When fish is canned it oxidizes, which causes tuna’s sour, fishy smell. While tuna packed in olive oil is less offensive, it isn’t without an element of fishiness. The bottom line is tuna is a huge offender when it comes to bad breath, no matter how it’s canned.

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