Making the Most of Dentures with a few Accessories

Making the Most of Dentures with a few AccessoriesDenture treatment has been one of the most common of all forms of tooth replacement, restoring the appearance of a healthy, whole smile for longer than many of us have been alive. When you consider the long history of denture treatment, you may come to the conclusion that dentures are tried-and-true, and therefore the best option for you. We say there is a lot of value in taking a more discerning look at your long-term needs.

We don’t need to go into a long dissertation about how dentures can go wrong, or why they do. Most people are well aware by now that dentures can be frustrating when they refuse to stay in place. It is not only the fact that dentures sit on top of the gums that this happens, but also that the bone beneath the gums changes over time when no teeth are present.

Sure, dentures are still an option for restoring the appearance of the smile, as well as a certain degree of functionality. But why settle when so much more is available to you?

Dentures, Meet Implants

The partnership of dentures and dental implants has been one of the best couplings we’ve seen in a long time. In our Mesa family dentistry office, it is our goal to provide care that attends to the long-term needs of each patient. Implant-supported dentures enable us to do this. When a full denture, or even a partial denture, is supported by a few titanium posts, patients have a lot to gain:

  • The function is always in fashion. A functioning mouth is as necessary as an attractive smile. Implant-supported dentures restore both. Without natural teeth, many people have drastically altered their eating habits because their dentures simply can’t keep up. When tethered to the jawbone just like natural teeth, dentures can successfully bite and chew all kinds of foods, including that juicy steak or the crisp apple.
  • Confidence is critical. When considering how to replace missing teeth, thought must be given to how confident you will feel when you smile, speak, and dine with others. Research indicates that many denture-wearers eventually become isolated to a certain degree, sometimes significantly, due to fear that their teeth will not perform as they should.
  • Your face needs you to smile! Your face just needs you to have a good amount of bone structure beneath your teeth. Dental implants preserve this by stimulating new bone growth.

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