Pros and cons of implant-retained dentures

Portrait of serene mature woman in gardenOne of the most lifelike and fully functional options for patients who have lost a significant number of teeth is the implant-supported, or implant-retained, denture. Implant-retained dentures are a popular choice for many patients who visit our team at Drs of Smiles Gentle Family Dentistry looking for restoration of their smiles. With the use of dental implants along the dental arch, which hook into dentures to provide a tooth replacement solution, patients can enjoy better fit and function of their dentures. It can also help in maintaining the natural bone of the jaw, which is often lost due to bone resorption with long-term denture wearers.

What are the pros and cons of implant-supported dentures?

When patients in the Mesa, AZ area visit our dentists to learn about their options for tooth replacement, implant-supported dentures are often questioned. Are they really as great as they are made out to be? Can they provide better function than a traditional full denture alone? Below are just a few of the pros and cons of dentures retained by dental implants.


  • Strength. Implant-retained dentures use dental implants which have a sturdy foundation using the jawbone. This allows the dentures to function at their best.
  • Stability. Patients no longer have to worry about shifting or lost dentures as they are anchored into place with the dental implants along the arch.
  • Longevity. Patients who take care of their implant-retained dentures will enjoy them for many, many years!


  • Jawbone needed. If patients have already lost a lot of bone in the jaw, they are not good candidates for implant-retained dentures.
  • Cost. While these dentures cost more than traditional dentures, they are often a smart investment for patients seeking long-term replacement.

How do I learn more about implant-supported dentures?

Drs. Scott LeSueur, Glenn LeSueur, and Charles Dodaro of Mesa, AZ are dedicated dental professionals who are open and willing to assist patients in the community with restoring their smile using dentures or implant-retained options. If you want to discuss the benefits of this treatment with an experienced team, call Drs. of Smiles Gentle Family Dentistry today at (480) 834-6991. We are open for new and returning patients at our facility, conveniently located at 1056 South Val Vista Drive, Suite #1.

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