How to fight sugar cravings

pretty girl biting chocolate barAll patients know how sugary snacks can be detrimental to their oral health and wellness. Eating high starch or high sugar foods and drinking beverages high in sugars and acids can contribute to the development of cavities. With this in mind, many of the patient who visit Drs of Smiles Gentle Family Dentistry will have questions about when they can enjoy these treats. Patients who have regularly consumed high sugar snacks may deal with cravings, sometimes referred to as having a “sweet tooth.” The dentists at our practice can help patients fight sugar cravings to improve both the health of their bodies and smiles.

What are some tips for combating sugar cravings?

  • As with quitting alcohol or nicotine, slow changes towards the primary goal can increase one’s success. Each day, start reducing sugar consumption by taking out a soda a day or eliminating an after-dinner desert. These small changes over time can help in fighting off sugar consumption for good!
  • Eat alternatives. Consider other sweet foods and beverages to make it easier to let go of those that are much worse for the smile. This includes berries and sugar-free gum.
  • Distractions can be vital. Whenever you are considering a sweet treat, distract yourself by taking a walk, calling a friend, or choosing an alternative to snack on.
  • Consider changing mealtimes. Some patients reach for sugary snacks between meals to beat a craving. However, ensuring you are full and satiated is one surefire way to reduce sugar cravings and snacking that often leads to empty calories as well.
  • Reduce levels of stress, which is a point at which many patients reach for sugary treats and snacks. Take time for yourself with rest, exercise, or yoga.

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