Food and drinks that can cause erosion of the teeth

Tooth erosion Tooth erosion is a serious condition that is irreversible. When the natural tooth enamel is worn or eaten away from cavities, it can only be repaired, not restored. One of the most common causes of tooth erosion is acidic beverages and foods that over time impact the teeth. When tooth erosion becomes problematic, causing sensitivity in the teeth, changing colors of fillings, and yellowing or discoloration of the teeth, it needs to be addressed with the assistance of a dental professional. Drs. Charles Dodaro, and Glenn LaSueur of Drs of Smiles Gentle Family Dentistry in Mesa, AZ encourage patients to educate themselves on acidic foods and beverages that can negatively diminish tooth enamel.

Food and drinks that can contribute to tooth erosion

Most patients are well aware that sugary sodas and energy drinks are bad for the teeth. However, there are many foods and beverages that are considered healthy but can still be acidic and sugary. While you do not want to necessary cut these out of your diet entirely, you should be well area that there may be negative consequences to these foods if eaten regularly. Here are just a few items to consider closely:

  • Lemon juice
  • Apple juice
  • Sour candies
  • Dried fruits
  • Oranges and orange juice
  • Sports gels and gummies
  • Lemonade
  • Limeade

While some of these foods are high in nutrients, they may also be high in acids. This makes them a danger to the smile. If you still enjoy these foods and beverages, you do not have to cut them out of your diet. In most cases, patients who brush and floss their teeth after consumption of these items will have the chance to maintain their healthy smile while enjoying their favorite foods and drinks.

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