What to Know if You Want Porcelain Crowns

Dental Crown Mesa | Porcelain Crowns AZPorcelain crowns can enhance your smile by making it look naturally beautiful. A crown will cover the whole tooth, creating a seamless smile. If you grind your teeth, have dealt with tooth decay, or a traumatic injury to the mouth, porcelain crowns may be right for you. Porcelain crowns are an excellent option for teeth that are too weak to handle fillings, inlays, or onlays. A porcelain crown is so natural in its appearance, it will look exactly like the teeth surrounding it. Better yet, porcelain crowns do not stain when you drink coffee or tea.


Porcelain crowns look fantastic
In addition to working as fully functioning tooth, porcelain crowns are strong and fantastic looking. They can even reflect light the same way tooth enamel does.


Porcelain crowns are comfortable
This type of crown allows you to chew food as normal and not have pain. With our advanced dental technology, Drs of Smiles can create a crown that fits your mouth perfectly. In fact, Dr. Dodaro and Dr. LeSueur work with five specialized labs to make perfect porcelain restorations. A porcelain crown will also help preserve the integrity of the bone and stop further bone loss as the years progress.


The health benefits
Porcelain crowns are simple to take care of by merely flossing and brushing daily. They are also far more durable than dental fillings and can keep the structure of your tooth. Porcelain crowns enable the tooth to be saved, instead of removed, and allow you to chew food normally. they also get rid of any sensitivity in the damaged part of your tooth. Porcelain crowns blend nicely with your natural teeth, providing a perfectly bright smile.


Dental crowns won’t fall out
Because your porcelain crown is perfectly sized and shaped in our dental lab, it will fit the structure of your mouth wonderfully. This means it won’t fall out or cause any pain. The crown will stay firmly in place while enhancing your smile.


Arrange your consultation
If you want to learn more about how porcelain crowns can improve your smile, call Drs of Smiles today. You can reach our office by calling us at 480.834.6991.

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