Get Ready For the New Year With Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Mesa AZ2019 is fast approaching, so get ready to start your New Year off right with teeth whitening. Studies prove that having white teeth makes people feel and appear more confident. Whether it be greeting someone at your front door or at a job interview, make an excellent first impression with a whiter and brighter smile.

In office whitening

In office whitening (also known as bleaching) treatments are a popular option for those who want a ‘quick fix’ for their struggling smile. In office bleaching works by applying a whitening agent right onto the teeth then using a laser, special light, heat, or a combination of the three to bleach your teeth. Results are visible after only a 60-90 minute treatment. For those who want to have more dramatic whitening results, we recommend several in office bleaching appointments to achieve your desired look. Take home bleaching trays that are inserted into the mouth are also a popular option. Call Drs of Smiles today to find out what in office bleaching treatments are available.

At home whitening

At home whitening options are pretty popular and certainly effective. Whitening toothpastes, over the counter bleaching strips and gels, and whitening rinses are all do it yourself whitening options to achieve the whiter smile you’re looking for. Keep in mind that in office treatments are considerably more effective because they use higher amounts of hydrogen peroxide.

How long will my teeth stay white?

The amount of time that your teeth will maintain their new and enhanced white appearance depends on the type of bleaching you used (as mentioned previously) and your lifestyle. If you have a hard time going without that cup of coffee every morning, you may notice that your teeth diminish in whiteness sooner. Foods and drinks like black berries, red wine, and coffee can all stain teeth if consumed consistently.

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For more information about what teeth whitening can do for you, contact Drs of Smiles today. You can contact our team by calling our office in Mesa, Arizona at 480.834.6991.

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