Dental Lasers and What They Can Do

Only a small percentage of dental offices employ lasers, yet lasers decrease pain, improve safety and accelerate the healing process. We frequently use lasers in our practice to enhance our patient’s comfort level and results.


What are Lasers?
Unlike most forms of light, lasers are precision high-energy, man-made beams. Because they are so precise and targeted, they impact less tissue during a procedure.


What Does this Mean for the Dental Patient?
Several procedures benefit from laser use:

  • Recontouring Gums – Laser gum recontouring causes less damage to gums, and actually seals gum tissue during the laser process. Bleeding and the chance of infection are significantly reduced.
  • Gum treatment – Removal of plaque and bacteria from gums is much easier with lasers as they can easily target the spaces in and around teeth without trauma to the surrounding area.
  • Cavities – Lasers eliminate areas of decay before fillings and crowns are placed or prior to performing other restoration procedures. Because lasers are so targeted, more of the healthy tooth area can be maintained.
  • Shaping of Crooked Teeth – Hard tissue lasers can actually reshape tooth enamel and make teeth straighter, enhancing appearance.
  • Whitening Teeth – Lasers are used in combination with whitening gel to speed up the whitening process, sometimes confining this process to just one visit.

If you are in the Phoenix, Mesa or Scottsdale, Arizona region and would like to learn more about laser use in dentistry, please call (480) 834-6991 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lesueur or Dr. Dodaro today.

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